PFES security professionals have a proven record of delivering security projects on schedule and within budget.

PFES offers a broad range of security solutions to support the utility’s compliance with the requirements and design inputs in 10 CFR 73.55, Physical Protection of Plants and Materials.  Solutions range from consulting and physical site security assessments to regulatory compliance audits. PFES is committed to aid in determining the recommended security system enhancements to provide a high assurance that site security will be successful in addressing the revised 73.55 regulations. We understand that the physical differences and limitations at a specific site may require an alternative solution.


  • Detection and assessment
  • Search programs
  • Force-on-force assessments and
  • Physical modifications assessment


  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Systems and performance testing
  • Secured Owner Controlled Areas (SOCA’s)
  • Access facilities
  • Pre-access facilities