PFES has proven performance in supporting our client’s compliance with regulators to deploy advanced nuclear technology and improve existing fossil fuel plants.

PFES partners with stations to correct performance declines leading to NRC Supplemental Inspection Procedures 95001, 95002, and 95003. We help diagnose the underlying causes of performance declines, develop effective sustainable actions to correct the causes, and implement corrective actions and improvement plans.  It is our goal to help the station implement a long-term solution to correct the performance deficiencies and prevent future NRC Supplemental Inspection issues.

PFES Services

  • Performance of Cause Analyses to support 95001, 95002, and 95003 inspection
  • Mentoring and training to improve organizational effectiveness, including identification of critical behaviors needed to improve performance at the station.
  • Recovery Plan development and implementation support
  • Critical review and revision of already completed reports to meet NRC inspection criteria.
  • Development and presentation of Corrective Action Program (CAP) and Cause Evaluation fundamentals training for practitioners and station management.
  • Support in development and implementation of challenge boards for various recovery activities.
  • CAP product quality reviews to verify effective implementation
  • Mentoring of senior station leaders in the behaviors and actions required to clear the regulatory issues.
  • Inspection preparation work including challenge boards and mock inspections
  • Development and implementation of CAP job task analysis
  • Licensing engineering
  • Design Review