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Primavera P6 Integration for Vegetation Management

Our client is an investor-owned utility company based in California. Founded over a century ago, they’ve grown into one of the largest natural gas and electric companies in the United States. This utility currently services approximately 16 million customers across 70,000 square miles across the region.

The company is committed to vegetation management to enhance the reliability and safety of their electrical system. The utility allocates roughly $1.2 billion annually to several programs, the main objective being the maintenance of minimum clearances between their assets and nearby vegetation. However, the utility was relying primarily on outdated management and scheduling tools, limiting their ability to efficiently carry out their program.

Key Challenges

  • Needed a scheduling tool capable of managing data for annual commitments.
  • Current tools featured minimal data visualization and often inaccurate forecasts.
  • Minimal organizational expertise to properly plan and forecast the effectiveness of vegetation management programs.

PFES Solution

Through a previous engagement, PFES was recommended for key PMO services to support the client’s capital project needs.

Specific services include:

  1. Project & Program Management
  2. Project Controls
  3. Data Governance and Analytics

After familiarizing themselves with the utility’s current processes, PFES proposed the implementation of Primavera P6 to schedule their Vegetation Management Programs.

Initially, PFES identified key resource needs for the client so they could more efficiently meet their annual commitments. Specific needs encompassed interrelated processes of their Vegetation Management Program including preliminary inspections, labor associated with tree trimming and clearances, followed by work verification activities. Identifying such needs was critical to properly integrating the Primavera P6 scheduling tool with the client’s organizational structure, enabling them to accurately plan and allocate resources for the year.


With Primavera P6, the utility now has increased visibility into their annual forecasting for their vegetation management. PFES was instrumental in launching the scheduling tool, providing visibility to the client in planning and executing their yearly program, and to make more informed decisions to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.

Additionally, PFES assisted with the implementation of data collaboration and
dashboard visualization tools, improving forecast accuracy and clarity.