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Owner’s Engineering

We are here whether you need someone to fill a skills gap on your project or a dedicated professional engineer to protect your interests throughout the full lifecycle of your project. PFES engineers will partner with you to support your project goals and ensure your project plan is being carried out.

Supervisory Assistance to Protect Your Interests

PFES has a Project Engineering Organization to assist our clients with the development and management of their power generation, power delivery, oil, gas, or chemical project. We provide supervisory assistance for the engineering team through our Engineering Work Management (EWM) process.

The Design-Build Experts You Need

It’s likely been a long time since your organization needed to build new infrastructure, which can result in an expertise gap for complex design-build projects. PFES engineers and managers are highly qualified professionals who can offer you the expertise you may be missing. Our owner’s engineering services also provide you with technical assistance, design reviews, estimates, and Quality Control & Quality Assurance processes to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Comprehensive Owner’s Engineering Services

Whether you need a third-party engineer to look out for your interests through the entire life-cycle of the project or you need a skilled engineer with specific expertise to fill in the gaps, PFES provides a comprehensive set of owner’s engineering services, including:

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Technical Specification and Bid Assistance

Design Reviews

Contract Negotiations

Integrated Project Schedule

Risk Management

Cost Estimates

Technology Assessment/Selection

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Our Owners Engineering Experts Include:

Engineering Managers

Project Engineers

Field Engineers

Procurement Engineers

Designers and Drafters

Get the Engineering Expertise you Need to Protect Your Interests and Successfully Complete Your Project.

We Protect Your Interests

PFES owner’s engineers partner with you to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget. They become an extension of your team to safeguard your interests and support your project vision.

We Have Niche Expertise

Our engineers have the in-depth knowledge and skills that come with decades of working on projects in the energy, oil, gas, and chemical industries. This niche industry expertise has proven itself crucial for completing successful projects for our clients.

We Reduce Cost Overruns

Thanks to our team of professionals who have extensive experience with operational efficiency, project controls, and contractual compliance, our owner’s engineering services help to reduce costly overruns and keep your project within budget.

We Minimize Risks

An integrated risk management process is essential for project success. Our project control specialists provide you with relevant, timely data, risk analyses, and risk mitigation solutions to ensure better decision making.