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Project Controls

Our project controls experts work closely with project managers to plan and monitor schedules, assess key costs, schedule data, and recommend course corrections when necessary so that your project is a success.

An Instant View of Project Status for Better Decision Making

Our qualified professionals integrate with our clients’ project teams and deliver an instant view of the project status by providing relevant and timely data, resulting in improved anticipation of issues, fewer budget overruns and delays, and better decision making.

Open Communication for Improved Project Performance

Cost miscalculations, miscommunicated schedules, and scope creep are just a few of the issues that can arise and throw large-scale projects off course, causing delays and budget overruns. PFES project controls specialists keep your project on schedule and within your budget by communicating openly with the management team. Our project controls specialists use a disciplined approach to monitor the status of your project and take an active role in identifying and reducing risk.

Strategic Project Controls Services

The key to preventing a costly, overdue project often comes down to having the right level of project controls (not too many and not too few), which is why we offer a wide array of project controls services to match your individual project needs, including:

Master Scheduling / Schedule Analysis

Cost Control and Budget Management

Key performance indicators

Change Management

Risk Analysis and Management

Document Management Software Implementation and Integration

Progress Report Writing

Our Project Controls Experts Include:

Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers

Construction Managers

Contract Managers

Change Managers



Keep Your Project on Budget and on Time With PFES Project Controls.

Relevant and Timely Data

Because PFES project controls specialists communicate openly with the management team and stakeholders, you receive critical data regarding your project when you need it most.

Improved Anticipation of Issues

With risk evaluation and risk analysis from our risk management specialists, you’ll have a clear picture of what roadblocks may lie ahead as well as professionals by your side who’ll work with you to develop risk mitigation strategies.

Fewer Budget Overruns and Delays

PFES project controls specialists actively monitor your project for all of the small details that can add up and lead to costly overruns and delays. We also keep our eyes on big-picture issues, such as siloed communication, which can wreak havoc on large-scale projects. Our experts are the reason our client’s projects are always delivered on time and within budget.

Better Decision Making

Our project controls specialists are experienced professionals who use their in-depth knowledge of project controls processes and procedures as well as cutting-edge technologies to offer the best analyses and solutions for making critical decisions regarding your project.