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PFES has successfully completed projects for a wide range of clients We closely integrate with our client to form a single cohesive team.


Portfolio Project Management

PFES helps one of the country’s largest fully regulated utilities complete a construction project by assembling and deploying its portfolio and construction management team. The PFES team helped the utility recover costs, get back on schedule, and improve quality.

Transmission Line Project Portfolio

Our client, one of the largest fully regulated utilities operating in seven states, was constructing a 100-mile high voltage transmission line. Additionally, the client, in a joint venture with two partnering utilities, was building several new high-voltage substations and a 75-mile high voltage transmission line.


Internal deficiencies and inadequate cost forecasting
Having not developed a new transmission line in decades, the client turned to PFES for transmission line and substation construction management expertise, as well as portfolio project management support. Some key challenges facing our client included engineering and construction budget overruns, lack of construction contract clarity and change order management, and inexperience in substation and linear project construction management.



Portfolio project management and quality assurance

Following an in-depth review of project status, resources, and deficiencies, PFES deployed a team of industry experts that integrated seamlessly into the client’s organizational structure. The PFES Portfolio and Construction Management team utilized PMI methodologies to support project management and ensure more accurate cost forecasting, ensuring that budgets and schedules were recovered to the greatest extent possible. Project gaps were quickly identified and filled by PFES consultants, resulting in tangible cost savings and re-work avoidance.


Improvements resulting in cost savings

The PFES team was instrumental in the project’s recovery of the budget and schedule, as well as improved the overall construction quality. The PFES engineering team identified several design and equipment issues missed by the engineer of record and owner’s engineering team resulting in significant cost savings and limited construction schedule impact.
When several construction quality issues arose, PFES identified deficiencies in resources and the lack of a proper Quality Assurance Program. PFES developed a program that remedied the deficiencies, deploying appropriate consultants who identified and corrected numerous nonconformance issues and established a consistent, experienced quality assurance presence.




PFES has proven performance in supporting clients across markets including Power Generation, Power Delivery, Oil & Gas and Industrial.


Featured Projects


PFES helps Midwest gas utility develop and implement a quality assurance program, improve capital project scheduling and stakeholder reporting, and increase customer satisfaction.


PFES helps electric and gas utility recover its critical regulatory project by overcoming a formidable set of challenges and an imposing deadline to complete the project on time and on budget.


PFES helps one of the country’s largest fully regulated utilities complete a construction project by assembling and deploying its portfolio and construction management team.