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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Control (QC) & Quality Assurance (QA) measures are a critical part of completing a project so that it meets or exceeds regulatory standards as well as the expectations set by stakeholders. Our processes ensure on-time completion of projects that comply with relevant industry standards, specifications, and safety requirements.

Efficient, High-Quality Project Execution

Our Quality Control & Quality Control services ensure clients are compliant with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations, and quality standards. It’s what we use to create efficiencies, encourage continuous improvement, and ensure we get it right for you the first time.

Regulatory Compliance, Safety, and Reduced Risk

The last thing you want during the execution of your project is to incur regulatory fines, become involved in legal disputes, or go over budget because you have to replace poor-quality materials. PFES Quality Control & Quality Assurance services are carried out by skilled managers, engineers, and inspectors so that your project has the proper oversight. Our Quality Control & Quality Assurance processes play a critical role in risk management and producing a positive overall outcome.

Complete Catalog of Quality Control & Quality Assurance Services

Our dedicated Quality Control & Quality Assurance teams will help ensure your project meets your expectations and complies with all regulatory and safety standards that apply in your industry with custom-tailored processes, including:

Inspections Oversight

Discipline Specific Quality Assurance

Quality Auditing

Quality Plan and ITP Review and Creation

Non-Conformance Reports

As-Built Documentation Review

Material Inspections

Testing and Factory Inspections

Our Quality Control & Quality Assurance Experts Include:

Quality Assurance Managers

Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality Assurance Inspectors

Reduce Your Risks and Achieve Your Project Vision with PFES Quality Control & Quality Assurance Services.

We Create Efficiencies

With our Quality Control & Quality Assurance measures, we help you avoid costly material reorders as well as schedule delays due to legal challenges and regulatory non-compliance. By staying on top of quality and industry standards, we’re able to execute your project efficiently.

We Critically Monitor Processes

There are a lot of moving parts with large-scale energy and industrial projects and programs, which means you need to keep an eye on all of your processes to ensure things run smoothly and stay within scope. PFES Quality Control & Quality Assurance specialists critically monitor processes to help your organization continuously improve.

We Get it Right the First Time

Our dedication to Quality Control & Quality Assurance means we’re also attuned to the needs of your business. With open lines of communication and our integrative approach, we’re a reliable partner that gets the job done right every time.

We Encourage Continuous Improvement

From non-conformance reports to quality auditing, our Quality Control & Quality Assurance procedures are all about encouraging continuous improvement within your organization for better, safer outcomes.