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Our industry experienced professionals help clients plan for a safe, timely start-up by ensuring all commissioning objectives are met and established procedures and protocols are utilized to achieve project goals.

Our Services Include

   Monitor Safety, Environment, and Quality Protocols
   Coordinate interfaces between EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and Plant Operations and Management
   Procedure Reviews
   Progress Reporting
   Punch List Development/Tracking
   Walk-Downs, Inspections, Final Performance Tests
   System Turnover Documentation
   Witness Validation

Our Specialists

Our network of highly qualified specialists has the multidisciplinary expertise to provide the skills and knowledge you need to fill resource gaps and deliver your projects. We provide experienced resources to handle work overflow, compress a project timeline, reduce backlog, or fill a need for a specific area of expertise.


   Commissioning Manager
   Turnover Manager
   DCS Engineering Lead
   Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
   Electrical Engineer
   I&C Commissioning Engineer
   Operations Lead
   Senior Scheduler
   LOTO Coordinator
   Control Room Operators


PFES Services