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Start-up & Commissioning

Start-up & Commissioning is an essential stage of the design-build life-cycle, where the experienced industry professionals at PFES will transition your project from the end of construction to operations. We ensure commissioning objectives are met and that established protocols are used to get your new facility up and running safely and on schedule.

Safe and Timely Start-Up

Our goal is to confirm your equipment is installed correctly, meets factory standards, and passes our stringent performance tests so you can minimize future downtime delays. Initiated right from the beginning of the project, PFES ensures that all systems and necessary components of a building or plant are properly installed and tested according to the specifications and requirements of our client and are ready for a safe and timely start-up.

Troubleshooting Experts

While the end of the construction phase is an exciting time, it’s also when a lot of unexpected issues can arise. For safety, all equipment, systems, and procedures must be checked and tested before you begin operating your facility. PFES commissioning personnel have specialized industry-specific knowledge and training to efficiently and successfully move your project into the operational phase.

We know the hazards of start-up, and we know how to troubleshoot equipment and systems problems thanks to extensive experience in the field. Plus, we know how vital this phase is for your continued success, so we take the training and qualification of operating personnel very seriously. You can rest assured that we will carefully plan and execute this phase of your project with you in accordance with your specific needs.

Complete Start-up & Commissioning Services

The Start-up & Commissioning period is typically the shortest, most compressed stage of the entire life-cycle, but it’s crucial that nothing falls through the cracks at this juncture, which is why we meticulously provide a comprehensive set of Start-up & Commissioning services, including:

Monitor Safety, Environment, and Quality Protocols

Coordinate Interfaces between EPC and Plant Operations and Management

Procedure Reviews

Progress Reporting

Punch List Development/Tracking

Walk-Downs, Inspections, Final Performance Tests

System Turnover Documentation

Witness Validation

Our Start-up & Commissioning Experts Include:

Commissioning Managers

Turnover Managers

DCS Engineering Leads

Mechanical Commissioning Engineers

Electrical Engineers

I and C Commissioning Engineers

Operations Leads

Senior Schedulers

LOTO Coordinators

Control Room Operators

Make Sure all Systems are Checked and Ready to go With PFES Start-up & Commissioning Services.

We Maximize Efficiency

Our Quality Control & Quality Assurance measures allow our team to create efficiencies for you and your management and operations teams. We critically monitor quality protocols and test procedures to improve outcomes.

We Monitor All Systems

PFES Start-up & Commissioning specialists are industry leaders with extensive knowledge regarding systems, equipment, and all components of plant and facility operations. We test all systems methodically to ensure any potential problems are addressed before you begin full-scale operations.

We Put Safety First

Because the Start-up & Commissioning phase involves testing and running equipment for the first time, we know it can be a hazardous time in the lifecycle of your project. We adhere to strict safety precautions so that your Start-up remains safe and stays on schedule.

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

While the Start-up & Commissioning phase comes at the end of the design-build lifecycle, we’re with you from the beginning of your project to the end, carefully planning and executing your project in partnership with you.