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Grid Modernization for Affordable and Sustainable Energy

PFES’ client is a power company that serves two major cities in the Midwest, and is a Fortune 500 global enterprise providing affordable and sustainable energy to over a dozen countries. The client was submitting its first $1B grid modernization and upgrade program to the governing regulatory agency.

Key Challenges

Overcoming a lack of experience, resources, technology, tool, and processes

The client identified a lack of experience, resources, technology, tools, and processes to successfully develop and manage the program. They were looking to successfully launch a large-scale capital investment and to give it the appropriate visibility on its success such as progress, cost, and comparison of plan schedule to actual performance.

PFES Solution

Providing a full-service PMO solution

PFES is providing a PMO solution that includes project management, project controls, procurement management, and construction management of substation, overhead and underground projects over the next 7 years. PFES is also providing project management and controls for the client’s transmission, distribution, and substation capital projects program.


Meeting company goals

PFES developed standardized schedule templates for various categories and worked with client to socialize the changes in the way to do business. PFES baselined the schedule and provided performance metrics to leadership on a weekly basis to drive behavior in meeting the company’s goals.