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Managing an Electric Distributor’s Portfolio to Increase Reliability and Capability

Our client, one of the largest electric service providers in their state, distributes electricity across a statewide network consisting of 5,000+ miles of transmission lines and more than 380 substations across 75 counties.

On behalf of our client, PFES manages a portfolio of capital investments designed to increase the system’s reliability and capability and existing / future transmission, substation, and telecom facilities’ infrastructure.

Within this scope, and using our experienced Senior Project Managers and Project Analysts, PFES has responsibility for establishing and maintaining portfolio schedules and budgets to ensure accurate reporting throughout the investment lifecycle. The budget and schedule requirements applied during this process are executed in accordance with the Transmission System Improvement Plan (TSIP) and Telecommunication Improvement Plan (TIP).

Key Challenges

Improving reliability and capability at scale

One of Texas’s largest electric service providers faced several critical challenges when trying to maintain and improve reliability and capability within an extensive network of over 5,100 miles of transmission lines and 380 substations. At the same time, they needed to adhere to strict schedules and budgets, a common issue in large-scale infrastructure projects, and navigate through organizational barriers while maintaining compliance with PMO governance.

PFES Solution

Creative, solution-driven strategies

PFES utilized a portfolio management approach to align core stakeholders around a strategic vision that maximized capital investments in accordance with business goals and initiatives. In order to drive project success, our team members implemented creative, solution-driven strategies that helped navigate through organizational barriers while also maintaining compliance with PMO governance.

Our strategies involved developing new methods and approaches for addressing cost and schedule variances in order to maintain the integrity of the portfolio budget and forecast. These efforts have helped our client overcome operational challenges, improved accuracy of spend forecasting, and generated synergies across the organization through consistency of execution (i.e. standardized governance controls). PFES has also implemented IF/THEN risk tracking and mitigation strategies designed to minimize threats and maximize opportunities throughout the project lifecycle.


Successful inspection and industry-leading discoveries

PFES has added tremendous value to our client’s portfolio by providing agile project and portfolio management solutions that address client specific needs,
while also ensuring that program performance aligns with internal processes and controls. This has allowed our team to influence the organization in a
positive manner without disrupting the existing management structure.

Throughout the process, our client interactions with internal personnel have
aided in helping a growing organization continue to develop and mature.